My Name is Dan Doyle.

My company name is Encore Video.

I am a corporate and event videographer.

And I love what I do!

Did you know that A LOT can go wrong with an event video? Having over 18 years of experience and nearly 1000 weddings and events to my credit, allows me to avoid mistakes and quickly adapt to any circumstance that may arise. (And they do!)

I have never been accused of being the proverbial "temperamental artist". I don't want to be intrusive or draw any attention to myself. I want to blend in with you, your family, and guests. One of the best compliments I can receive is, "We forgot you were there". I work well with photographers by respecting their work space and angles, making sure not to be in their shot or interrupting their photo session with you.

We are always honored when chosen to capture someone's special event, and we would be honored if you were to choose us for your day. Please take the time to reach out with a call or email. Let's begin a diaolog to discover what you are looking for in a video and how we might make that a reality for you.

- Dan