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Assuming that your date is still open, you may want

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more detailed examples of our work.

What happens at an appointment?

In addition to seeing some footage, the appointment

is a great time for you to ask questions, and for me to

find out exactly what you are looking for in a video.

I will show you what to look for in a good wedding video,

and what to watch out for!


Trust me... I hate salesmen just as much as you do!

We have actually never accepted a deposit at an initial meeting. I will simply show you what we at Encore are capable of, and at the conclusion of our meeting I will give you the paperwork for you to take home for your consideration.

If you decide to go with us, you simply mail the paperwork back to us with your small deposit and we will reserve that date for you. It's that easy!

As amazing as the internet is, I am hopelessly

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Instead, you need to contact me first.

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